Miércoles 22 de octubre de 2014, por Building Bridges-Human Rights Vancouver

Coast Salish Territories, Vancouver Canada.
October 22, 2014

To all the relatives, friends and students of the Teacher’s College (Escuela Normal) “RAÚL ISIDRO BURGOS”, in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, Mexico.
To all the human rights and non- governmental organizations in Mexico and Canada.
To the national and international community.

We join the thousands of voices, from many corners of the world, who have expressed the deep shock and condemnation to the brutal repression against the students of the rural teacher’s college in Ayotzinapa-Guerrero, Mexico. The operative, at the hands of the municipal police and the Mexican military corps in the city of Iguala, Guerrero during the night and early hours of September 26 and 27, left a toll of six dead and 43 missing students, all of them between 16 and 21 years of age. The responsibility and the presence of organized crime and the narco-state in these crimes are evident.

It is public knowledge that since the establishment of these rural teacher’s colleges, parents and students have had to battle for the provision of resources. Students have been forced to protest because of the failure and negligence of all levels of government. For many years, generations of students in these colleges have maintained a constant struggled to defend their right to public education. On the same hand, the student’s resistance in these schools has faced a long history of repression, always for the same reason: the unfulfilled promises by successive governments. We can thus affirm that the brutality used against the students this past September is not an isolated event but a crime perpetrated by the state.

Over the years, several of these teacher’s colleges have been closed, not because they are no longer needed, but as a result of a policy of gradual dismantling of public education. Public education is a fundamental human right and the new educational reform, already approved, proposes to privatize it and turn it into a commodity.

Social protest, the only legitimate avenue left to demand education for our youth, is criminalized. Obviously this is the result of the neoliberal policies of a state that kneels before the needs of the ’free market’ which demands the cheapening of unskilled labour and yet does not generate the number of jobs that our young people desperately need. What future will these new generations have?

The infamous free trade agreement that promised jobs, development and prosperity has yet to reach the Mexican poorest. With the recently approved educational reform, the Mexican government seeks not only to privatize and commercialize education as well as to exclude the youth that criticize the neoliberal model, but also to eliminate the feisty rural teacher’s colleges altogether and has been slowly dismantling them ever since the return to power of the Institutional Revolutionary Party – PRI. We reiterate our solidarity with the students and their relatives. We will remain vigilant of the Mexican government’s actions and we will continue to support the social movements in their demands for justice.

A strong condemnation to the Mexican state!

Alive they were taken and alive we want them!

Endorse by:
Ágoras de Fuego, Building Bridges - Human Rights Collective, Consejo Indígena de los Pueblos de Oaxaca- CIPO-Vancouver, Grass Roots Women Collective, The Alliance for People’s Health, The Critical Criminology Working Group, The Mining Justice Alliance in Vancouver, The Other Campaign Vancouver, The Redeye Collective, Red Sparks Union, Colectivo la Surda de Vancouver, Mundo sin guerras y sin violencia México, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.
Charles Boylan Producer/Host – DISCUSSION -CFRO 100.5 FM, Alex Rivas – Indigenous Social Activist, Karla Lottini – Activist and Independent Jornalist, Raúl Gatica – Mexican Indigenous Writer and Activist,Waldo Adarzua – Veteran organizer and Analyst.

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  • El 22 de octubre de 2014 a 16:57, por Daniel Guzmán En respuesta a: AYOTZINAPA: NO MORE IMPUNITY AND REPRESSION IN MEXICO

    Los silencios ya son miles y están acumulados en el pecho sostenidos por miedo, es pues la indignación, la impotencia y el coraje, que hacen merma en nuestras voces mudas, quizás por la apatía, quizás porque a lo largo de los años no vemos ningún cambio, quizás porque no nos importa o quizás que hasta que nos toque, empezaremos a actuar.

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